Jennifer are unable to steer clear of the real look you to definitely overtakes the fake one


Jennifer are unable to steer clear of the real look you to definitely overtakes the fake one

Rodney is fast resting. Very was John. These are generally both looking at the floor because of the edge of Rodney’s bed, wearing the usual on duty uniforms, jackets and over-tees thrown away; the laptop however to tackle the film on the coffee table inside top of those; flashes out of light to relax and play more their confronts. Rodney’s face is 1 / 2 of-smushed into the John’s shoulder and you may they are drooling to your John’s black t-shirt; John’s head is tilted to others towards the Rodney’s. They appear so sweet.

She hits their own lip determining whether or not she will be able to slip right back out and you can pick her up camera to take a photograph before certainly one of them wakes up because visualize they make is so lovable. And you can quickly, it’s as though she’s walked in on some thing a whole lot more intimate than just one or two friends drifting off to sleep on each most other.

The entranceway slides open easily – Rodney’s keyed it thus she will be able to supply as opposed to knocking – and she measures inside partial-dark with a smile pinned so you’re able to her deal with while the word «surprise» hovering on her behalf mouth area

It’s stupid, she informs herself, whilst their own attention beginning to catalogue this new dust towards dresser she is watching; dust you to definitely tells their unique Ronon and Teyla was indeed on the room at some point; thrown away glasses and you will bowls, pizza pie boxes, Teyla’s shawl, Torren’s doll. It was without a doubt a team night.

Their own heartbeat boosts; adrenaline rushing owing to their: battle otherwise trip their unique instincts cry on their particular

However, she can’t a little move an impact that she actually is the burglar; can’t let but imagine to every rumours one swimming doing Atlantis. This lady has never considered any one of it, not minimum given that the woman is done lots of their physicals over for the past a couple of years. They’re friends; close friends. That’s it.

She appears straight back in the a couple of men and you can freezes. John wants back at her; hazel sight entirely apartment, expressionless, cool.

She blinks and you may he or she is cheerful right back at her sheepishly as though so you can apologise for now where he was not awake adequate to understand their own; his deal with is actually switched on side of anything hazardous to your boyish charm one she supposes is always to guarantees their he is innocuous. The guy mimes fulfilling their own outside the place. She nods, curious how much cash regarding what she got thought he would viewed on the face. She strategies in reverse and you can heads aside.

John joins their a moment later, friction the rear of his neck as though discover an enthusiastic pain there. «Hi, Doc.» He smiles at her ruefully. «I guess We decrease sleep indeed there.»

Jennifer tries to laugh right back. «Sorry to own waking you.» She tries to own a flirting tone. «You a couple produced a cute picture.»

Their embarrassment relieves her very own and you can she grins again significantly more undoubtedly. «And present upwards my chance to score Rodney to do any type of Needs?» She waggles their own eyebrows.

John retains your hands right up inside give-up and you can swells on the door. «I will give you so you’re able to they.» He requires one step down the passageway and you may closes. He appears more their neck and you may body language vaguely once again. «Sweet to have your right back. He could be skipped your.»

Jennifer nods and smiles at your and this turns out to be almost any more warranty John required because the the guy treks fast out and you can is fully gone prior to Jennifer features turned-back on doorway.

It opens again and you can she finds Rodney on his ft, looking faintly bewildered. Possibly he would woken right up shortly after John got leftover, shocked to get themselves by yourself. Their term alter the minute she walks inside the, completing having eg visible delight you to definitely Jennifer seems greatly thankful getting their visibility; they never ever doesn’t create their own be need.